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Nexedi is one of the largest open source software publishers in Europe with a portfolio more than 10 original software products and a total code base of more than 15,000,000 lines. Nexedi original activity consists of deploying complex, mission critical "Enterprise Applications" based on ERP5 open source ERP/CRM/ECM/e-business framework. ERP5, Nexedi's most famous software product, has been deployed in companies such as Airbus, Central Bank of West Africa, Fortuneo, Kyorin, Mitsubishi, SANEF, PSA Groupe etc. that are looking for more flexibility and higher quality than traditional "Enterprise Application" products. Since 2010, Nexedi group's ViFiB has operated a distributed mesh cloud (DMC) present in more than 10 countries and 35 sites. DMC is an evolution of Cloud Computing which - according to HP's CTO Martin Fink - will render current centralised Cloud architectures obsolete by 2018, in particular for Big Data. ViFiB is one of the inventors of edge computing with the SlapOS edge computing and orchestration solution being used to deploy most of Nexedi's client applications. Nexedi developed in 2010 the first open data portal in France. Nexedi launched in 2010 a Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) commercial offer based on "SlapOS Webrunner". Since early 2014, Nexedi has concluded a strategic partnership with "scikit-learn" community with the goal to create Wendelin, a big data solutiondesigned to surpass Cloudera or Hortonworks HADOOP in the field of industrial Big Data. In 2017, Nexedi launched NMS, an open source telecommunication network management system, which combines elements of most of the above solutions to provide a solution specifically tailored to telecommunications. With OSIE, Nexedi aims to create a similar solution for industrial automation benefiting from the evolving portfolio of open software components.

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Linutronix GmbH is one of the global leaders regarding all aspects of Linux related service provision in industrial and manufacturing environments. One key aspect in industrial use cases is deterministic timing behaviour - and Linutronix is the creator of PREEMPT_RT patch - the de facto standard for Linux and Real-Time. On behalf of the Linux Foundation, Linutronix is responsible for integrating deterministic timing behaviour into the mainline Linux kernel. Linutronix main business activities focus around in the technical segments of automation and industrial controllers in automotive, entertainment, infotainment and tolling industries. The company work closely with worldwide chip manufacturers such as Intel, TI, NXP and Renesas which entrust Linutronix to enable Linux support for their new chip generations. Linutronix is committed to actively furthering the development of Linux, is maintainer of the x86 architecture and has also developed essential parts of the flash driver infrastructure to name only two areas of substantial open source development. Relating to the OSIE project, the company has funded some parts of OPC-UA PubSub development via OSADL and is affiliated with the AccessTSN project which aims to develop modular open source drivers for real time applications within a TSN based network.

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Olimex Ltd is a leading open hardware manufacturer and specialist for development tools and programs for embedded markets. The company was founded in 1991 as ET OLIMEKS which was transformed into today's Olimeks ODD in 1994. Olimex is located in Plovdiv and has 28 years of experience for designing, prototyping and manufacturing printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies as well as complete electronic products - such as open hardware, ready-to-assemble laptops. Their main product line, OLinuXino (Open Source Hardware Boards) as well as many other components are available in commercial and industry-grade versions - the latter with added temperature resistance among other factors. Olimex has extensive experience in analogue, digital and microcontroller design and offers their own-design development boards, programmers and emulators for rapid prototyping ARM, AVR, MSP430, MAXQ and PIC microcontrollers. The company is recognised as an approved Third Party Hardware Developer by companies such as Texas Instruments Inc, Maxim Integrated, Atmel Inc, NXP Inc. ST Microelectronics Inc, IAR Systems AB, Cirrus Logic Inc, OKI Semiconductor Inc, Energy Micro Inc and Microchip Inc.. Olimex has over 30.000 active client accounts regularly using services for electronic board development and prototyping. Their design capabilities are backed by a PCB prototype production and assembly facility - this way Olimex can assure that all designs are created and optimised for reliability and cost-effectiveness. Olimex operates its own 5000 m2 production plant situated in Plovdiv as well.

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C-Astral is an aerospace solutions provider based in Ajdovscina, Slovenia, the “hub” of advanced aerospace development and integration in this part of Central Europe.

The company is a global market leader with established reputation in the specialized, fixed wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) manufacturing and services field, with a specific focus on high productivity, endurance, surveying and remote sensing. C-Astral's customer base is diversified between the commercial UAS operators, larger institutional networks, scientific users as well as government entities. Currently, C-Astral systems are flying with six sovereign entities on force protection, border protection, fire control and surveillance operations on four continents and more than 100 commercial and scientific operators globally. C-Astral established a multidisciplinary software and hardware laboratory for aerodynamics and systems integration work and a prototyping CAD/CAM workshop facility for composite materials manufacturing and modeling. The founders of C-Astral have been active in aerospace since 1999 and have been pioneering UAS integrated solutions ahead of the market curve. C-Astral systems are now flying over all continents, including extreme environments such as high altitude open-pit mines, deserts, mountains, Antarctica, over the Arctic and global agricultural lands.

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